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  • Jeff Gerlach

     11 Sep 2023

    Steve and team did another fabulous job on my black GMC AT4! Highly recommend!

  • Laura C

     25 Aug 2023

    Jake and Steve were prompt and professional. They did an awesome job, I will definitely use their services again!!

  • Jon

     18 Aug 2023

    Quick response time, friendly guys and excellent job. I highly recommend.

  • Jena Holcomb

     11 Jul 2023

    Such a nice and easy process! So easy to schedule and their promptness was outstanding. Made my BMW look amazing. Can’t recommend enough!

  • Ryan

     29 Jun 2023

    These guys made my car look brand new! They showed up exactly on time, got the job done quicker than expected, and all for a price that was better than other places I looked at. Plus they come to your house! How can you beat that? I will definitely be using them again.

  • Terry Fehr

     1 Jun 2023

    Outstanding job! I am so glad I found JS Mobile Auto Detail. Thanks for a job well done!

  • Gordon Hollywood

     15 May 2023

    We are extremely happy with the work they did on my wife's vehicle! Very easy process and highly recommended!

  • Mia Ryckman

     14 May 2023

    This was such an easy process. The convenience is unmatched and my car looks like the day I bought it!

  • Stacey Bachelder

     6 May 2023

    I am so happy with the detailed work Steven and his team did! My car is squeaky clean and ready for my newborn’s arrival. He recommended a wax on the exterior for next time and I’ll definitely be booking that appointment.

  • Elizabeth Nava

     2 May 2023

    The team did a great job for my much needed detail! Got interior and exterior done and felt like I was driving a new car!

  • Diana

     26 Apr 2023

    Only had the outside done this time but it looks amazing (brand new) we will be back and have both inside and outside done. Very professional and quick.

  • Katie

     21 Apr 2023

    We booked the interior detail for our 2 cars and we cannot be happier! Due to family issues we had to reschedule and they were very responsive and worked easily with our schedule. They gave us a heads up when they were on the way and then did an AMAZING job! Our truck hasn’t been cleaned in years and it looks brand new! They buffed, polished, oiled and vacuumed and left it smelling brand new. My other car is just as spotless. We are very impressed and 10/10, will recommend. Excellent service, excellent communication, excellent experience.

  • Robert

     12 Apr 2023

    Steve, Excellent job today. Interior of care looks brand new. thx

  • Vivian

     10 Apr 2023

    These guys are amazing!!!

  • Steven

     20 Feb 2023

    Im having my first baby soon and these guys went above and beyond to make sure my car was ready and clean! My car hasn’t seen a wash in a while but after seeing the work they did, not only do i want to show my car off to everyone i see but it looks like i just drove it off the lot! Amazing work by amazing people me and my wife will be going with their service from here on out and i am proud to refer all my friends and family to them for their stellar service!

  • Joel

     10 Feb 2023

    Did a great job on a car that had not been cleaned in far too long and was very gross. I was so happy to see it so clean afterwards! And they buffed out a lot of small scratches in the paint, too, honestly they did such an amazing job with the paint, it looks stunning. If I had to complain about anything, I did notice that the windows were a bit streaky with water spots after they were done. But overall I'm very pleased with the full detail. I'm proud to drive my car again!

  • Michael

     10 Jan 2023

    Easy online booking. Friendly and thorough service. My van looked better than how I got it from the dealership.

  • Yaslene blanco

     20 Nov 2022

    Booking online was so quick and easy, got me in the very next day! Amazing quality work done here, super happy how everything turned out will most definitely recommend:)

  • Samantha

     9 Nov 2022

    They were right on time and did an amazing job on my car that probably hasn’t been cleaned in 2 years. The price was also very reasonable and communication was great.

  • Terry Ballentine

     4 Oct 2022

    I was so pleased with their work on my first car, I asked them back for my dog hair packed, dog saliva riddled 2010 Jeep Wrangler . Holy cow was all I could keep saying, it looks new again. You can’t find two nicer more trustworthy gentleman.

  • Terry Ballentine

     27 Sep 2022

    Happy! My car was a mess from dog saliva, dog hair, dirty paw prints and everyday wear and tear. For friends I can say, “I have a guy”

  • Erika Somar

     8 Sep 2022

    Wonderful service!! I would highly recommend these gentlemen to anyone looking for detailed service!! 😊

  • GM

     8 Sep 2022

    Steve and Jake were punctual, and were able to clean my 4x4 up extremely well, including buffing out some major scratches. I would certainly recommend them to a friend.

  • Jeffrey Gerlach

     27 Aug 2022

    Fantastic service, great communication, and a great result. Very happy. Will definitely use these guys again!!!

  • Fidele

     8 Aug 2022

    Just wow. First off super professional and friendly service. But wow did they do an amazing job, the car looks like new and I can't get rid of the smile on my face when I look at it. 10/10 recommend.

  • Xavier Acosta

     23 Jun 2022

    First, they waited a couple of minutes for me to make it home from my commute from work. Both individuals were extremely professional, and conducted their business as such. Incredible job by this service company and I shall be recommending them to my friends and family within the Phoenix area. Thanks again guys.

  • Calvin

     13 Jun 2022

    Such a nice and easy process! They came to me and did a quick but extremely thorough job! Made my sedan look brand new! Can’t recommend enough!

  • Rich

     20 May 2022

    This is the first time I've used a mobile detailing service, so wasn't sure what to anticipate, but all my expectations were exceeded! J & S arrived right on time and spent almost 2 hours working on my Toyota FJ Cruiser. It was pretty dirty and I'd never had it detailed, but by the time they were through it looked brand new, inside and out! And for a very reasonable price too. Definitely would recommend J&S for your auto detailing needs and I will be using them again the next time I want my FJ taken care of!

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