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Exterior Detailing

  • Exterior wash. We De-bug all leading edges before the actual wash. Then we decide whether we will give the aircraft a wet or a dry wash. Many professional detailers choose dry cleaning methods. (Wet washing can cause damage to landing-gear component seals and corrosion to the electrical connectors.)

  • Belly de-grease. We clean the belly of the aircraft by hand with a specialist cleaner to remove the grease. (Grease can damage the paintwork if left as is.)

  • Compounding and wax. We Remove old wax, paint oxidation, and contaminants with a DA which is safe on the paint for the compounding process. Apply wax to restore shine.

  • Metal polish. We remove scratches, hazing from the metal surfaces with high-speed DA to leave a mirror-like shine.

  • We detail the spinners with specialist cleaning products.

  •  Paint care. We remove oxidation from the paint’s surface and restore shine with a high-speed DA. We apply an aviation-approved sealant to restore the paint. Sealant protects the paint from UV damage and oxidation. (This paint care treatment can is typically performed once per year.)

Interior Detailing
  • Interior vacuum. We vacuum all carpets, including in the cockpit and the entryway.
  • We clean carpet and apply spot treatment (as needed).
  • We clean windows with aviation window cleaner.
  • Cabin detail. We wipe down all surfaces, seats, sidewalls, and headline. We clean the tray-tables and check the seatbelts for stains. We clean the seats and move them into the recline position. Tidy and organize blankets and pillows as necessary.
  • Clean and recondition the aircraft’s seating, as required.
  • Galley clean. We wipe down all surfaces, including the fronts and edges of drawers and cabinets. We Clean the coffee and water pots and empty the trash.
  • Cockpit clean. We Wipe down the inside of the windscreen, sidewalls, and flat surfaces. Remove any trash.
  • Lavatory clean. We clean and wipe down all surfaces, including the toilet bowl, mirror, sink, light fixtures, and walls. Then we empty the trash.


Aircraft Certified Detailing

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